After several virtual instruments like Signal, Exhale, Analog Brass & Winds and Analog Strings, Output is back with a revolution called Arcade. Since now we can use a synthesizer with FXs integrated which is updated everyday with new kits and loops. And the best is that a trial is available for 100 days completely free and then it starts as a 10 euros monthly subscription.

The synthesizer itself it doesn’t look like an instrument but mostly a browser which presents the 15 loop libraries predefined by Output, and where you know that each day that’s more and more to explore.

All kits have integrated FXs that can be edited as repeater, resequencer and playhead, and you can add and edit macros, modulate the loops, and it has also an integrated mixer.

To fully explore this virtual instrument you can only load one of those kits and use the white notes to play each loop and the black notes to play the predefined FXs, that can be changed by clicking “edit”. Each loop has also the possibility to change the Filter (resonance and frequency), the speed and other attributes.

One of the features that makes Arcade so attractive is the possibility to import your own loops and change them with the FXs inside the synthesizer, which permits liberty and creativity without bounderies.

I can conclude since I’m a DJ/Producer myself, that Arcade is a synthesizer that I would absolutely recommend because it’s very complete, and I can find new content everyday and even the 100 days will be over, I would pay a 10 euros subscription for it. It’s worth it because just the fact that I can import my own loops and then change them it will help me to spice up my synths.

If you are a DJ, producer or music lover and you want to explore this product you can know how to here

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