Tomorrowland’s second weekend has just ended and Martin Garrix closed once again Sunday’s mainstage and therefore this year’s edition of the festival and he brought out a surprise that everyone enjoyed.

In fact, Martin prepared a little surprise and, with the purpose of celebrating love and life, he released his latest single High On Life at the exact same moment he played it live on Tomorrowland’s mainstage, being this his final track of his set.

This is a new progressive track that the DJ and producer has been working on and it’s exactly what fans have been expecting since his last release Ocean with the greatest American Teen Khalid, a new festival anthem that uplifts anyone who hears it and that will put a smile in everyone’s face.

Martin’s goal is to make everyone happy through his music in a way that everyone gets to be ‘High On Life/ Till The Day We Die’ and that’s exactly what he accomplishes with this brand new track with Axwell ^ Ingrosso’s More Than You Know vocalist Bonn.

You can hear the new song here and make sure to watch the video of the DJ’s own recap of the festival and also the 20 minute phenomenal Tomorrowland Official Aftermovie here.

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