If you like Drum and Bass and you happen to live in the city of London, mark the day of 28 of September 2018, because this date marks the return of Turno and is show “Time is Now” to London.

The name of the British Dj and Producer Turno must be familiar to anyone who follows the DnB scene culture. The English producer is responsible for some really iconic Drum and Bass sounds such as Bomb Squad, Alliance and Third Eye. Some of this sounds had the help of some really great artists such as A.M.C, Dominator and Muzzy.

28 of September marks the day in which the Invaderz, leaded by Turno march on to London for a night filled with the best Drum and Bass artists and sounds. The event is called “Time is Now“, and this marks its 2º edition in London. The first event took place in April, at the Hoxton Basement and it completly sold out.

Now the event will take it a step further, with a new venue for the event, in the brand new E1 London, a venue that open less than 6 months ago. Looking at the lineup from the previous edition, we can only expect the best of the best to perform alongside Turno.

And as Turno would put it, we will see you there my Gsssss for a great rave.


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