That’s right, the Portuguese talent Diogo Menezes aka Frepz’s new track will be released this Friday, the July 27th on FWRD Records and you can be the first one to listen to it right here.

In fact, having already released some of the heaviest Dubstep tracks in the game, such as his latest To Mars and even Ganymede, Frepz is now back with a softer and more heartfelt Future Bass banger.

By having the Portuguese singer Roxana leading the vocals and lyrics, Beaker North is without a doubt one of the most complete bass tracks that has been recently released and it takes the listener into a journey through a great melody with some nice and refreshing synths and leads really well mixed and this is another track that you must listen to.

As Frepz goal in the industry is to tell a story through his tracks, this is the perfect new page to his book and exactly what it needed, the calm after the storm that will surely be followed by some great new events which we can’t wait for.

You can check out Frepz previous tracks here and make sure to follow him and wait for what’s to come.

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