The festival Dominator happened last weekend and something out of the ordinary happened. They were forced to “close” the stage where Sefa performed because of the amount of people that wanted to see him.

At some point, the Guillotine Clan had to be banned to more people, since it was already becoming impossible to circulate, due to the number of people who wanted to see the performance of Sefa.

Sefa started with just 10 years old, when he had contact with hardcore music through YouTube and he immediately fall in love. He started with a small laptop, locked himself in his room for days and started his work.

At 11 years old he had contact with Dr. Peacock and they became very close since then. He uncovered the frenchcorescene and grasped it’s energizing sound:

‘’Frenchcore has such a drive, which simply just cannot be found in hardstyle. Frenchcore is wider and has more different kind of directions. If you would like to produce a ‘I want to destroy everything’-track or a ‘I want to hop with Taylor Swift’-track, everything is possible. The frenchcore fans accept more diversity than other genres, in my opinion. That’s what I like. However, I mostly enjoy listening to classical music. Bach, Mozart, Chopin… If you listen carefully to my music, you’ll hear samples of them in my music.’’

One year later he was making his first frenchcore track and at 13 years old he was already producing a lot of tracks worthy of release. That’s why in 2016 he released his first EP on Peacock Records. 

Now, with all the sucess that he is having, we think that festivals should consider to put him at the mainstage, to prevent things like that to happened, because this 18 years old DJ is ready to turn his all-time passion into a flourishing career.

You can see a litlle of Sefa performance at Dominator here.

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