After performing at Dominator last weekend, Radical Redemption announced on his social media that he is coming with another album, after he already released 6 others.

He already revealed that the album will be called Command & Conquer, and it will be released during his own event, with the same name,  that will happen in the 3rd of November.

His first album, with the name Annihilate, was released back in 2012 and he has delivered an album every single year since then, although the last two were released as Minus Militia, his act with CrypsisChain Reaction and Nolz.

After he improved his skills, at the end of 2010, his passion and hard work fascinated Crypsis. At that was when Radical Redemption became a legend. Crypsis wanted to do a collaboration, and they named it ‘Darkness is Calling’. The collab was played at Hard Bass 2011, in front of 25.000 insane party people, and since then, Radical Redemption already played in the biggest festivals around the world.

Radical Redemption will be in Portugal tomorrow, the 25th of July, in the club Fiesta, in Albufeira, followed by one of the biggest portuguese dj’s in hardstyle, Dj Kaiser-T.

Command & Conquer will happen at the Radical Dome, in Breepark and the tickets will be available from the 11th of August. You can know more in the official Facebook event.

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