Oi Oi Oi what a great day this Friday turned out to be for the Drum and Bass community worlwide, with the release of albums by two of the best, most talented artists in the DnB scene: The master of Jump Up, Macky Gee and one of the big names from the Viper Recordings squad, Cyantific.

Its not everday that we are gifted with so much amazing new music, but this Friday turned out to be one of those days with the release of two amazing albums.

On one end we got the release of Macky Gee fourth solo album, called Moments. Containing 21 tracks, the album is filled with brand new Jump Up bangers that will get everbody moving. Some of the songs in the album have been fan favourites since they were first played such as Emperor, Lunatic and Lighters Up. If you like a faster tempo of Drum and Bass this is definitly the album for you.

But we can never forget the one and only Cyantific who created a masterpiece of an album with Bloodline. Made up out off 17 tracks and with collabs with names like DC Breaks and Benji, this album is a more melodic experience and jorneuy through the Drum and Bass universe. We can easily see ourselves by the ocean listening to the stunning voice of Raphaella in the track Bloodline and enjoying a beautiful sunset, that how good that track is. But there is so much more to this album, with tracks such as More than Human, Cyborg and Outatime Pt. 2 standing out from the rest.

Now we will leave you to it, to enjoy more than 35 brand new Dnb tracks. Tell us your favorites in the comments.


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