For months we have all been wondering, trying to discover Where the Drumz were, with little to no sucess. Apparently they were with the SASASAS crew, as the UK group just release one of the most antecipated Drum and Bass tracks in quite some time, called “Where The Drumz At”.

The SASASAS boys just keep on delivering amazing music this year, sounds that are set to make everbody on the dancefloor and at home to move to the rythmes of Drum and Bass. After their EP “Nocturnal Insomniacs“, earlier in the year that shock the scene, we finaly got to listen to one of their most hyped tracks, called “Where The Drumz At“.

This track is the perfect example of how this group works together to create unique music. The mix of the unique Jump Up sounds from Phantasy and Macky Gee matching to almost perfection to the bars and fast flow of Skibadee, Harry Shotta and Shabba D in order to create “Where The Drumz At“. When both parts connect, you get a musical journey, a DnB journey, like in the case of this song.

What do you think about this song, and what do you think will come up next for the SASASAS crew? Let us know your opinion in the comment section


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