It looks like Deadmau5 can’t stop! After the announcement of a new EP, the dj just announced a new collaboration, this time with his fellow canadian singer Lights.

In the beggining of the month we announced here that the owner of mau5trap was launching an EP, full with collaborations, and it’s already available in Spotify.

The announcement of the new colaboration was made in twitter, in a response to a tweet from a fan, something that is not normal in Deadmau5. However, after the response from the Dj, the singer Lights retweeted, using only emojis in the tweet.

Everything is still very new, and maybe Deadmau5 shouldn’t have announced it in that way, but was we know, he is never worried about what people think about him and does things the way he wants. After all this twitter activitie, Deadmau5 made a livestream showing some of the work that will be present in the second volume of his new Ep, that will be called “Mau5ville: Level 2”.

Maybe this new collaboration will be present in the new EP and you can hear it in there. Until that, you can follow Deadmau5 in his social media to know more.

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