The collaboration between both is nothing new and this made Hardwell and Blasterjaxx unite to release another song.

Another big Collaboration between Hardwell and Blasterjaxx in a new “adventure” titled “Bigroom Neves dies” and with a voice that is also not strange to Hardwell fans, Mitch Crown who gave voice to one of the biggest hits Hardwell’s “Call Me A Spaceman“.

This song really shows that Hardwell and the duo Blasterjaxx are made leaving a message with the title of the song that “Bigroom will never die”, showing that it is a style that is still alive, and both prove it.

The dutch duo show once again that he deserves confidence on the part of Hardwell being one of the guides of the duo when the track “Fifteen” was released about 4 years ago by the label of Hardwell, Revealed Recordings. From that moment Blasterjaxx were affirming and released with different artists like W&W (“Rocket“), DBSTF (“Beautiful World“), Bassjackers (“Switch“) among others. One of the great evolutions of the duo was the creation of its own label Maxximize Records.

Hardwell continues with his label, the famous Revealed Recordings that also shows the new talents of the music, not only with the releases that it makes but also when making known through his Radio Show “Hardwell on air”, that in the present date is in its issue 375.

Listen below to the new track by Hardwell and Blasterjaxx:

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