As it was announced, The Chemical Brothers were present on this year’s edition of Rock In Rio in Lisbon and as always, we were capturing every moment.

The british duo went on stage Friday, on June 29th, at about 11:30 p.m. and even though they weren’t the headliners for that day, they performed to a crowded Parque da Belavista, closing up Friday’s mainstage.

Being two of the pioneers of the genre Big Beat, alongside Fatboy Slim, The Chrystal Method and The Prodigy, the two artists present on the event showed this rather unknown style of theirs.

Known and recognizable for their diversity and creative tracks translated into a whole new world when they perform live, whoever had the opportunity to attend their show experienced quality and innovative light effects, surprising everyone track by track.

Starting off with their party starter ‘Go’, the duo took the audience into a musical and visual journey where they showed why they deserved to be playing to such a big crowd. They went through all the classics like Hey Boy Hey Girl and Galvanize and each and every track made the public wish for more.

From an ‘angry neighbour’ to giant green and yellow balls bouncing above the crowd and even two actual giant robots shooting lasers from their eyes present on stage during ‘Under The Influence’, this massive production resulted on some of the most unique moments of the entire festival. By having quality beats and a fantastic show design, The Chemical Brothers drove the crowd into madness without saying a single word.

Overall, this was a great show and we’d like to, once again, highlight the huge quality production behind every sound and visual detail.

If you want to you can check some of our photos here and if you want to know where we will be next, make sure to follow all our social media and join us this summer season.

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