LNY TNZ have remixed 4B’s hit track “Love Is Dead”, releasing the remix under Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings’ watchful eye.

The original track was also released on Revealed, just over a year ago (at the time of writing this article) on april 3rd, 2017. It was almost an instant hit amongst DJs of various genres across the dance music community, being supported by guys like Borgore, Wolfpack, Mike Cervello, etc. Before “Love is Dead”, 4B was already an accomplished new talent, having signed tracks under Mad Decent, Dim Mak and even landing a remix on Tchami’s Confession record label.

Now, it’s LNY TNZ’s turn to reveal (no pun intended) their take on the track. It’s not that different from the original track: The melody remains the same, with the only main noticeable change being the much harder hitting hardstyle kick. The breakdown is also close to the original, apart from a few vocals and fills added to it.

You might say:  “Wait, this isn’t news! They already released the remix a long time ago! It was available as a free download!”. And you’d be right. But now the track was officially signed, being released on Beatport as an official remix. If want to save 1.56€ though….the free download link hasn’t yet been taken down. I guess LNY TNZ don’t give a FVCK.

You can listen to the track in the link down below.

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