It seems like everything Third Party touch turns into gold and this new single is no exception. They have just released a brand new track called Midnight.

In fact, after releasing the highly anticipated progressive piece Free, the duo bring another track that will be present on their new album coming out in the near future.

Midnight, which came out as usual on their label Release Records, is filled with beautiful chords accompanied by the vocals ‘’I want to hold you at the midnight/ I want to tell the world about it’’, which in spite of being quite simple, send the message the DJs and producers wanted from the beginning, that love is supposed to be shared.

With this new single, the duo show off once again their production skills and prove what we said in the beginning and how the simplest things make a great track or even a great project.

Third Party have been in Portugal a few months ago, but they don’t have anything booked for this summer season here. Can we still expect their presence during the Portuguese summer? We can only wish for that to happen.

If you want to, you can stream/buy the track here.

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