A few months after releasing his successful album ’Future’, Don Diablo returns with yet another bang.

In fact, the dutch Future House prodigy and Hexagon ‘King’, has just released his latest edit for ‘Another Chance’ by a mysterious upcoming producer: Big Pineapple.

This is the first track from the yet unknown artist and some people believe this is Don Diablo’s new alias. In fact, the first appearance from Big Pineapple was on Don’s Instagram account. Whether this is his new project or just a new DJ, this track will not go unnoticed.

 If you recognize this song, that’s because it starts off with Roger Sanchez’s vocals from his song Another Chance. Both producers created a piece where they reunite most of the sounds Hexagon is known for and give the heartfelt song a special touch.

By having uplifting piano and strings chords throughout the breakdown leading to a drop with really new and fresh synths, joined by a strong bassline and some interesting vocal shots, many of them characteristic from Don’s previous tracks, the dutch DJ and Big Pineapple create the perfect combination between the calm and emotional lyrics of the original track, as well as its melodies, and the Future sound itself.

 You can stream/buy the track here.

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