American DJ and Producer Gryffin makes his return, this time joining forces with the charming and hypnotizing vocals of Norwegian Iselin.

Though you might not recognise her name at first, you will most definitely recognize her voice as she is behind Alan Walker’s “Sing Me To Sleep” and “Faded“.

Now that a little bit of insight has been given to you about Iselin, you know why we’re excited to present this collaboration, as a fusion of these two masterminds could create one of the most beautiful tracks of the year. And that’s exactly what they’ve done, created a marvelous fusion of everything emotional and melodic, with a subtle hint of those dance pop vibes from Gryffin.

Love in Ruins” and “Nobody Compares To You” are just some of the tracks produced by Gryffin, and this is officially his second release of 2018, with “Winnebago” being released earlier this year.

Just for a Moment” is the name of this beautiful masterpiece, and Gryffin’s approach in the track is a more sentimental one, with Iselin’s jaw-dropping and chilling vocals, building up to a very dynamic and summery drop.

This will definitely be one of the best tracks to listen this summer, so will you leave it unheard?

Listen to it down below:

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