The Swedish DJ and producer Eric Prydz came back to surprise us. This time while Cirez D – his latest techno project – featured a 3-track ep that quickly convinced Dance Scene. “Dare U”, one of three, has already gained all the leading role during the performance of Carl Cox in Junction 2.

Still, we present 3 completely amazing tracks. The rhythm and the sonority easily carry who listens to a super energetic and contagious environment that only makes want to dance. The release follows the huge success of Cirez D’s earlier release, “The Accuser,” and anticipates another hectic summer program for Swedish talent.

The ep has the signature of the Mouseville Records label and is conquered by “Dare You“, “The Glitch” and “Black Hole“. The tracks are also exclusive to Beatport.

You can listen below and be as delighted as we are.

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