Pioneer just announced today through a promo video that they would be launching a new DJ controller.

It’s called the DDJ-400. We assume this name is part of a new nomenclature from Pioneer, starting with the DDJ-400 and presumably ending with the DDJ-1000 (which was launched only a few months ago), thus teasing the possible future release of a DDJ-600 or 800.
Take this with a grain of salt though: keep in mind that we’re only speculating here.

The DDJ-400 seems to be the spiritual successor to the DDJ-RB, Pioneer’s previous entry level controller. Its design is close to that of the DDJ-1000, but it also picks up on the same colour scheme as the DDJ-RB. It features play, pause and cue buttons; 3-band EQ; bigger, fatter jog wheels; headphone cueing; browse controls; bigger tempo sliders – which were one of the few faults with the DDJ-RB – ; full beat loop controls – the lack of these were the bane of the DDJ-RB’s existence – DJM-style beat FX;  and a filter knob for each of the two channels.

It’s USB powered, just like its predecessor, and it comes with a full Rekordbox DJ license, making it one of the best value for money controllers on the market right now. This is clearly a power move by Pioneer: with this very affordable controller, Pioneer is hoping to earn some more market share, thus shunting the competition out of the water.

The DDJ-400 will be priced at about 250€, and it will be available starting Late June 2018. You can watch the promo video in the link down below.

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