Futuristic, Polar, and “bear-y” cool guys. We caught up with big room heavyweights, the Futuristic Polar Bears. They of course aren’t strangers to big room fans, having released music under Revealed Recordings, Spinnin Records, and Smash The House.
We managed to get a hold of them, and we asked them about their new record label – CMMD Records -, their latest track with Yves V called “Running Wild” feat. PollyAnna, and their plans for the future.

Wide Future: You just released a collab with Yves V on Spinnin Records. What was it like working with such a legend like Yves?

Futuristic Polar Bears: Working with Yves was amazing. We had such fun going back and forth coming up with the idea and we road-tested many versions before we decided on this one! We’re already working on a follow up.

WF: What was the thought process behind the making of the track?

FPB: We started talking about the idea back in 2016 and spent the next 18 months getting the idea right, and then road testing it out at shows! When we finally decided on the right track, Yves spoke to PollyAnna who delivered a killer vocal that brought the track to life! We’re so happy with it and playing it for the 1st time back in LA a few months ago, we were blown away by the reaction from the crowd.

WF: The track has a future house vibe. Can we expect more tracks like these in the future or are you going to stay true to the big room sound?

FPB: As we’ve said, we’re working on a follow up and also a couple more vocal numbers but we’re still sticking to our big room sound. Our next big room track is out July 20th on the Blasterjaxx’s Maxximize.

WF: You worked with the guys of KEVU in “Are Am Eye”.  Did you contact them, or did they contact you and is there a story behind it?

FPB: We’ve known the guys for a couple of years and they are super talented. We actually started on the idea with Dimitri Vegas, as he wanted an “Are Am Eye” re-doing for Tomorrowland last year. He asked us to make a festival weapon and Kevu helped us make that happen. The response when Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike played it for the first time was huge and its been a great track for us ever since!

WF: You guys certainly have an unusual yet very original name. We know that you’re members of the World Wildlife Fund, and that you sponsor a bear. But who came up with the “futuristic” part and why?

FPB: Fran actually came up with the name one night after watching National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. We watched a documentary about polar bears 1st then after that a program about space travel and out Fran came with it. Initially we laughed but then we actually thought it was a great idea!

WF: Who’s the most competitive?

FPB: Fran, because hes very athletic and always wants to strive to the best!

WF: Who’s the funny one?

FPB: Rhys, because of his funny Welsh accent!

WF: What do you guys miss the most while on tour?

FPB: Definitely family and friends the most.

WF: Do you think you will be knighted someday?

FPB: Probably not but you never know haha. It would be great to meet the queen and you never know we might get mentioned for our services to polar bears and music!

WF: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen while on tour?

FPB: It’s still pretty weird to see cows waking down the main roads in India!

WF: What’s the weirdest/best thing a fan has ever done for you?

FPB: There’s a fan in Mauritius that is an amazing artist and he drew a picture of all 3 of us then sent it to us. We got to meet him when we did a show there back in April and he was such a lovely guy!

WF: One of your most popular singles, “Back To Earth”, is one of the most iconic big room anthems. How does it feel seeing your track achieve such a cult status?

FPB: Our 1st Beatport nº 1 and our 1st release with Revealed and Hardwell. It’s still amazing to this day and we are eternally grateful for all the amazing opportunities it’s given us. We still play it from time to time now.

WF: Have you ever been to Portugal before? If not, what do you know about our little country?

FPB: Many times, on Holiday to the Algarve and once for a show! We really want to come back and do some more shows there as its an incredible country and the people are amazing! We love the food and culture down in Albufeira and Olhos D’Agua and are also big fans of Lisbon and the Bairro Alto district, that’s crazy haha.

WF: You announced you would be launching a new label called CMMD Records. What made think now was the right moment to do so?

FPB: It’s something we’ve always wanted to do and we felt the time was right now, especially after building up so many fans over the last few years with our music on other labels. We have an absolute weapon for our 1st release with one of our Smash The House friends.

WF: What kind of talent do you plan on supporting? Any particular genre?

FPB: We’re always listening to new music and looking at new artists, there’s so many amazing talents around the world. We’re working on some tracks with Junior from Taiwan he’s really cool and the tracks are nearly ready to be finished!

WF: We have our own Future Connection radio show. Would you consider doing a mix for us?

FPB: 100%, just let us know when.

WF: And finally, last question: do you have any big plans for the future that you can you tell us about?

FPB:Wow we have lots of big plans! We have lots of new music coming on CMMD, Smash The House & Maxximize as well as some awesome shows around the globe and some great new collabs we’re writing now with Yves V, Wolfpack, Kevu & Diego Miranda.

You can listen to their collab with Yves V in the link down below.

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