Dillon Francis is busy working on his new spanish-language album, and some singles, but apparently, he still had time to came up. with a new remix for Cardi B‘s song “I like It”.

He is also producing “One Deeper Talks” again, his podcast where he interviews some artists and talk about their work. Besides that he stil need to produce a new song for Panic At the Disco‘s new album.

Dillon Francis is used to work with Latin producers and that’s why making this remix was easy for the “Get Low” producer. Recently he also release a sample of “I like It Like That”, from Pete Rodriguez.

The remix of Bad Bunny and J Balvin vocals was a natural job for Dillon Francis, considering he is now used to work with Latin producers.

Fans believe that this remix could easily be a great contribution to the increase of the Latin music in this industry, and that the spanish language album that Dillon Francis is working on,  is a great oportunity to see the Dj in a different language.

This new album should be release in 2018 but the Dj did not announced a release date yet.

The song is now available at spotify.

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