After a lot of speculation on the part of the Dutch duo, it was finally revealed the entire playlist of songs from the new album of Yellow Claw.

Yellow Claw’s new album “New Blood” was released, a new gold leaf debut being this in its third album of originals. With many collaborations of weight this new album shows a difference of the previous albums in which shows a great evolution and in new bets in the level of its melodies.

An album with much vocal part and that counts on several artists like DJ Snake, San Holo, Moksi among others. The playlist begins with a calm entry and with the participation of Danish duo of R&B Mads Bo and Jonathan Elkær who form the duo Phlake. Soon to the beginning is shown another side by part of Yellow Claw able to produce a song with artists of other areas.

There is also a production with San Holo, “Summertime” where the more classic style of the two artists is evident. As has also been announced, there is a participation of Dj Snake in the song “Public Enemy“. What could not be missing would also be the voice of Rochelle, something that is already habitual by parts of the two artists.

Finally, we have a last release with the duo Moksi and with the voice of Yade LaurenDown on love”. The Dutch duo will also be with Yellow Claw at RFM SOMNII, where they will surely present their album to the Portuguese public with performances on July 6th and Moksi on the last day, July 8th.

Listen to all the 14 songs on the new album “New Blood” down here:

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