The two French producers DJ Snake and Mercer have once again created a track that will get people talking.

Already accustomed to the talent of DJ Snake could not expect less than an excellent song by the French DJ that this time brought his compatriot Mercer and the result was: “Lets Get Ill” the new music produced by both.

A song that begins with a calm introduction but quickly makes us realize that it is a party song, with the vocal part, that was introduced, starting by saying “Party People”, therefore is starting about 3 minutes with a great vibe and festive spirit.

A song directed more to the “house” style and with a vocal part that gives another dynamic and shows that these two artists know how to leave their comfort zone and do something good when they come together for collaborations. Proof of this was the release of the track “lunatic” and released through Spinnin Records.

In different ways DJ Snake is preparing his Album and Mercer has his last track released by Spinnin RecordsSatisfy” with the voice of Ron Carrol. However both artists have a long career ahead.

You can listen to DJ Snake and Mercer’s music down here:

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