No Mana is back with more music, releasing an EP called “Assorted Repetitions” on deadmau5’ label, mau5trap.

Since his debut in 2015, No Mana has been an unstoppable machine of quality music, and has become one of the best prospects in the techno and house world. He was first featured on the 4th volume of mau5trap’s “We Are Your Friends” compilation, which showcases mau5trap’s finest and upcoming talents. His first single, “Tell Me”, was a perfect demonstration of No Mana’s talent, featuring a very satisfying pop-ish beat and a wonderful vocal that meshed everything perfectly.

No Mana also likes to keep his identify semi-private. A quick search through his social media pages reveals his taste for “8-bit games” style artwork, and in the few pictures that he has of himself, his face is either covered or in the dark. But what he lacks in social media skills, he surely has in talent.

“Assorted Repetitions” comes after his remix of Kill The Noise’s “Crazy Maybe”, which was released back in November 2017.  It features 6 tracks, and the whole EP is a complete journey through techno influenced house beats. Tracks like “DSCO CNT” – which was made in collaboration with Electrocado – and “Doep” have been on loop in my playlist for the last 2 days; and “E is More Than” is a Pryda-inspired progressive house banger.

The EP is available in all the usual places, and you can give it a listen in the link down below.

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