Illenium surprised everyone when last year he released the album Awake. This week he surprised the fans again with the released of an EP with several remixes of songs on the album, made by Dj’s such as AWAYFelix Cartel, among others.

The Dj gave the name “Awake remix pack” to the EP, which contains 15 songs completely reinvented. Some songs appear twice on EP since they were remixed by two different artists.

Also present on this EP is the song “Sound of Where’d U Go” which is a collaboration between Illenium, Said the Sky and 1788-L. This single was released on Coachella and has been quite successful.

Also on the EP are Jason Ross‘s remix of “Needed You”The Glitch Mob remix to “Crawl Outta Love”, or WE ARE FURY‘s powerful remix of “Lost”. Also, Au5 and Fractal djs collaborate on the remix of “Sound of Walking Away”, giving it a small touch of Drum n Bass. Ep ends with Lights & Motion‘s dream remix of the song “Let You Go”.

However, not everything went well for Illenium, since if the EP is heard by Spotify, we can notice that Thoreau‘s remix for the song “Where’d U Go” and the Trivecta remix for the song “Fractures” are exactly the same, since Trivecta made the remix of the wrong song, so the Thoreua remix appears double. The dj used twitter to apologize to the fans and to inform that briefly the error will be treated. You can see the publication here.

Despite that, the EP sounds amazing and should be heard by all those who enjoyed the original Illenium album.

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