American Trap and Drum & Bass master, RL Grime, is back, and as per usual, he brings us all some very exciting news!

The genius behind the tracks “Kingpin” and more recently “I Wanna Know”, has finally given us the release date for that long awaited album that he was working on.

After the success of his debut album “VOID“, he played shows all over the world, but then for the past year or so, remained quite silent and absent.

Reason for this, according to the artist himself, he had to welcome the foreign and discover new style, exploring new heights. On a press release, he said this:

NOVA came from obsessive ideation on growth, and on transition. The art, and stories, and the moments that inspired me through this record tend to explore this as well. The feeling of leaving behind what was, and of welcoming the foreign. Throughout the process I had this vision of a “nova”, or of a star no bigger than a person launching from earth into outer space and expanding endlessly until its light was all that we could see. That’s the feeling I get from these records, infinite light.”

Though the album seem like great news, the artist didn’t think it was enough, as he also took the opportunity to release “Undo” together with Jeremih and Tory Lanez. The track has a very deep feeling to it mixed with some RnB vibes, and it’s exactly what fans worldwide needed in order to wait for the album’s release on July 27th.

So, while you wait, as we all know you will, make sure to listen to Undo by RL Grime!

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