Going 10 months back, rumours were of a collaboration between Medasin and Galiamatis, and  now it’s finally happening!

The North-American mastermind Medasin kept very quiet in the regards of the track but a week ago, he broke all silence by releasing two animations with a very mysterious beat, that at the time was thought to be of upcoming tracks. However, the genius behind the tracks “Forever” together with Ekali and “Territory” was quick in letting the fans know that those were not teasers of future tracks, but in fact some random beats they made.

One thing’s for sure, the track promises to be absolutely beautiful, combining both Galiamatis stunning melodies and breathtaking beats with Medasin’s hability to bring a whole new dimension to songs. This will Galiamatis most ambitious Project since his EP together with Alina Baraz, though he keeps active, delivering tracks that prove to get better each time.

This will most definitely be a must listen as a fantastic collaboration is on the makes!

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