The Dutch duo and the French DJ met for a new song for the new album.

We are already used to this type of collaborations and once again DJ Snake and Yellow Claw show what they are worth when they decide to join forces. This time the song is called “Public Enemy” and is one of the tracks on the forthcoming Yellow ClawNew Blood” album. This will be a theme that will surely make many dance tracks and promises to raise the floor for the next releases of both.

Both have already accustomed us to launch themes together, with “DJ Turn It Up” one of the most viewed songs released by artists, with more than 50 million views on YouTube. “Slow Down” was also a success of both and once again show the quality of both and the ability to create new melodies. To show their versatility Dj Snake and Yellow Claw have released about a year ago a slow song “Good Day” that in spite of being different also conquered the public.

Before this release it was the turn of “Ocho Cinco” to be successful and to be one of the songs that could not miss on a set of both. You will certainly be able to hear this new song because the Yellow Claw will be on the first day of the festival, July 6, RFM Somnii.

Written by: André Almeida

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