The North American DJ Marshmello is about to release the second part of his first album.

It was during EDC Las Vegas that Marshmello decided to show fans some new songs and it was no accident that this happened. Marshmello is about to release the second part of Joytime, album that was released in 2016 and sees in 2018 its second part to leave. Through your Twitter account we can see a little clip where it shows one in the new songs of the album.

The dj has us accustomed to its energy and with the launch of Joytime pt2 the same promises to raise the bar and show its very peculiar style. Marshmello boomed with his hit “Alone” where he earned approximately 850 million views only on YouTube. 2017 was also a strong year with two heavyweight collaborations, with Selena Gomez giving voice to “Wolves” and “Silence” with the voice of the well-known Khalid among others.

Already in 2018 he launched “Friends” with Anne-Marie in the voice that has achieved countless YouTube releases and the latest track “You Can Cry” in partnership with the famous DJ Juicy J and with the voice of James Arthur.

In Portugal we will be able to watch your performance at the Meo Sudoeste festival on 10 August.


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