The english duo Matrix & Futurebound just announced the good news on Twitter. The 2º single from their long awaited second album is dropping this Friday on Viper Recordings, and we are beyond excited to see what this single and the whole off the album has to offer to the DnB community.

The year seems to be going on a very good direction for the british duo of Matrix & Futurebound, with some big releases such a remix of “Watercolour” by the world famous Pendulum and also by the release of the first single for their upcoming album “Mystery Machine“, which is also the name of this first track.

And now we just receive the good news, the second single of “Mystery Machine” is dropping this Friday, and its called L.A.D. The duo released a small 10 second teaser of the music, and from what we can hear, this one promisses an uplifting melody, but we have to wait till Friday to learn more.


Are you excited for this Matrix & Futurebound album? Listen to the preview and let us now more.

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