The Black Madonna has recently shared a mysterious flyer for a possible event occuring at Los Santos, the fictional city from Grand Theft Auto with a likeness to Los Angeles.

Solomun, Dixon and Tale of Us are part of this enigma as well. Rockstar Games, the american video game publisher, has also shared a photo with their names on Twitter without any context, leaving everyone curious about what this collaboration could possibly be. Could it be a tour? An event? Is it going to be a new radio station in the video game? We need to know!

A new radio station in the video game with their music makes a lot of sense since in the GTA series, you can choose from a wide variety of stations to listen to as they play their way around the virtual world. In the past, these have featured big names such as Flying Lotus and Soulwax. Frank Ocean has also launched a radio station for GTA Online last year including artists like Aphex Twin, JME, Drexciya and more.

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