One of the greatest names in the dubstep and trap community is without a doubt, Kayzo. Having released a load of tracks last year, the 26-year-old Californian DJ and Producer started of the year by releasing his debut album – Overload.

Mostly known for his crazy energy and stunning hard dance drops, the author of the tracks “This Time”, “Feel The Power” and most recently his “Last Resort” edit, has been touring all around the globe. His EDC experience was packed with exciting things. Playing a set as Kayzo and then one of the most awaited moments, a set together with Ookay, Dotcom and Yultron, also known as The Binches.

Well, he doesn’t seem like wanting to stop as yesterday he announced on social media, that he would be starting a brand new radioshow.


“The Doghouse Radio” is what it’s called and it will be airing on SiriusXM! The first episode was yesterday, and it was greatly received by the community.

Kayzo just seems to be growing bigger and better by the day and you can’t miss the next episode of the Doghouse Radio!

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