That’s right, last Friday, May the 18th, one of the biggest names of the dance scene, Tiesto, released a new track with his protegé Dzeko, Preme and Post Malone, entitled Jackie Chan.

If the track sounds familiar to you, that’s because you’ve probably heard the most recent project from Preme, which includes the track Jackie Chan featuring Post Malone. 

Tiesto and Dzeko, ex-member of the duo Dzeko & Torres, made their own version of that same song and they now present the final result.

In fact, this track can be considered to be a remix, where the original vocals and lyrics are present, but there’s a whole new instrumental behind them. 

The two DJs and producers went for something fresh, tried new sounds and the result is a track where the listener can feel the summer vibes rising up their bodies and even though this is something different from Tiesto, it is well produced, while having some really nice oldschool basslines joined by some of the freshest sounds.

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