This week, the American DJ and Producer released his Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” remix. After playing it in several occasions in stages across the globe (see the video below), Kayzo finally took it to Soundcloud yesterday.

This is my last resort[ BRXVN ]

Slået op af Kayzo i 26. december 2017

The 26-year-old artist, one amongst many renowned names confirmed for this year’s RFM Somnii in Portugal, releases like this a world-class remix that will certainly break the internet due to the mix between his own bassy, dubstep-ish sound with a classic rock tune from the 00’s.

Being “Last Resort” the track that it is, specially for all the millenials out there, a Kayzo remix of it means that this is not a “Free Download” type of remix. On the contrary, it’s an official remix! The American alternative metal band is fully supporting it, as it’s edited through Geffen Records, Last Resort’s original label. It’s always cool when metal/rock meets electronic music! Here it is.

@kayzomusic dropping an official last resort remix next friday 😱

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