Denon DJ teased in their social media that they might be integrating Native Instruments’ Traktor sofware into their own proprietary Engine software.

For years, Pioneer DJ was the undisputed queen of the DJing equipment market. Many tried to challenge its reign, but none succeeded. That is until Denon DJ tried its luck back in 2017, with the release of its Prime lineup, composed of the SC5000 Prime players, and the X1800 Prime mixer. With their new hardware, coupled with their revamped Engine software, as well as strategic partnerships with legendary DJs like Tiesto and Laidback Luke, Denon DJ was the first to successfully challenge Pioneer, and steal some of its market share. In the end of 2017, Denon took the next step, and integrated Pioneer’s Rekordbox software , as well as Serato DJ into its Engine platform.

Now, Denon might do the same with Traktor. This means that newcomers to the Engine platform will be able import their whole Traktor library into Engine, without losing any of their hot cue points, loops, samples, etc, the same way Rekordbox and Serato users do currently. This would make life a lot easier for DJ’s who want (or need) to use both ecosystems.

Denon hasn’t stated when this new feature will arrive, so all we can do for now is wait. 

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