New track leaks and song thefts are becoming more and more of a problem and this time, The n°1 DJ in the world, Martin Garrix is the one affected by this issue.
The Dutch DJ and producer recently posted an Instagram story claiming that 2 unreleased tracks of his had been stolen and published on Spotify under someone else’s name.
Here is his post:

Whenever a track is played live for the first time, it is usually posted on Youtube shortly after, with the artist’s name and ID on it. However, this is concerning an actual theft of the track. Another issue that often occurs is people uploading their own tracks under a famous artists name in order to gather more views.

Martin also takes the opportunity to state that this is one of the reasons artists are reluctant to play new tracks live as they are scared of losing the hype and attention.
This type of behavior is shameful and should in no way exist in this community. They not only take away the hype from the track but they also can cause disappointment if the track
suffers a change.
We wish all the best for Martin Garrix regarding the future of this issue.

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