The day that many Drum and Bass fans have been enthusiastically waiting for over an year is finally here, as the eagerly awaited track Creeper by Critical Impact & Break featuring Skibadee got released on the brand new label of D*Minds called RUN .

RUN was created on the ideals of leading Inovation within the Drum and Bass scene while keeping an open mind about the process of creating music. Focused on supporting both new and already established artists, The Creeper is the first release of the label, and what a release it is.

A collab between two British producers who share the Bristol connection, Critical Impact & Break, with vocals from the iconic grime and DnB MC Skibadee , Creeper is a music experience to be lived on the dancefloor. The vocals match perfecly with the early basslines of the music and they then make the perfect build up into the drop.

And when the drop hits, its mayhem, pure mayhem. What appears to be a normal DnB drop in its first moments, rapidly evolves into one of the nastiest, most unexpected drops of recent times, and I mean that in the best way possible. The way the drums merge with the bass kicks, its a match made in heaven alongside the shouts of The Creeper by Skiba. And when everthing merges together, you feel carried into another dimension, a creepier one.

Give it a listen and try not to move, i assure you its impossible.

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