Eventbrite and Instagram collaborate so you can buy tickets from business pages. A button “Get Tickets” can now be added to the festival or venue instagram account to buy tickets without leaving the app.

Instagram what started been a mere photo sharing app, has grown enormously. The first major step was when the mobile app has been bought by the tech giants, Facebook. After some years they made various changes which changed the way we would see the app, like the introduction of “instagram stories” or the most recent collaboration with stream mammoth, Spotify.

Since 2016, Instagram has started to incorporate changes in how business pages are seen in Instagram. Has said by Eventbrite, Instagram has more than 800 million active monthly users and more than 200 millions visits a business page each day, but that’s not the main goal, what they desire is to convert those visits in product sales or tickets, and that’s how it goes.

One of the most famous cases of this Eventbrite-Instagram is Life Is Beautiful Festival. As many users, the festival claims that their instagram is one of the leading platforms to interact with the fans, and through this integration they can sell way more tickets with just a few clicks without even having to leave the instagram app and it can work for both, the festival, and the fans/attendees.

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