One of the most famous DJ’s in the world promises to shake the historic park with a unique show.

The promoter of electronic music, Insomniac, was the one who made the announcement that Zedd would have a “festival” of his own. The same artist was unveiled some information on your social networks, which left his fans with curiosity about what he was preparing, until finally was unveiled the event that will get the central park to move.

The event “Zedd In The Park” will arrive at the Angeles State Historic Park on July 3rd with many surprises included. As for the rest of the line-up, we can count with Whethan, Medasin and Oliver tree that closes the line-up of this event, and there are many surprises on Zedd’s part that makes every one of their live shows unique with their melody and effects.

In an interview with Billboard, Zedd says he is enthusiastic about being the “main figure” of the event and being able to play in an incredible and iconic place in the city of Los Angeles. With these affirmations of Zedd the bar will rise and we will expect a great show, as the same has already accustomed his audience.

Regarding the tickets the same already are there is sale here.

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