Ran-D’s single “Zombie” just hit the 10 million plays mark on Spotify. The dutch born DJ/Producer first released the song back in August 2017, and then proceeded to have an incredible year in 2018 so far.

Ran-D is of course well known for his energetic performances, and he is a key player in the rawstyle world. He, together with Adaro, B-Front and Frequencerz, founded Roughstate, a major label in the hardstyle world. Also together with Adaro, Ran-D, whose true name is Randy Wieland, created the masked duo known as Gunz for Hire, who released a free remix to La Casa de Papel’s “Ciao Bella”, which you can listen HERE.

“Zombie” is based on its namesake hit single of 1994, originally performed by legendary 90’s rock band The Cranberries. But Ran-d took what was already an amazing song, and adapted it to the dance music world, while still maintaining the essence and impact of the original track. The remake features dreamy plucks, rumbling hardstyle kicks, and huge, epic synths for the drop. It had all the makings to be a huge track, and so it was, racking up 9 million views on Youtube, 100 000 soundcloud plays and the 10 million Spotify plays (at the time of writing this article).

You can listen to the track and help it reach 10 million more plays in the link below.

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