Branko invites Sara Tavares, Dino D’Santiago, Mayra Andrade and Plutónio for the final show of Eurovision 2018.

The final show of the Eurovision 2018 which will take place this Saturday, the 12th May and will be marked by the style fusion between classic and modern due the participation of Mariza, Ana Moura and Salvador Sobral. It also marks the presence of Branko (Enchufada Label founder and ex member of Buraka Som Sistema)

When Branko was invited by RTP he didn’t hesitated to invite some of the biggest artists and friends influenced intensely by African and Latin vibes.

That been said there are three performances prepared where we’ll listen a remix of Sara Tavares, “Ter peito e espaço” with Plutónio collaboration, “Reserva pra dois” with the singer Mayra Andrade, which counts more than one million streams on Spotify and it became one of the most loved tracks by Branko fans. Dino D’Santiago will also be there to present his new single “Nova Lisboa” which has been created back in 2017 but it will be released this Friday in all streaming platforms and it will be presented live at the Altice Arena this Saturday 12th May.

We can admit that the night will be amazing and an unforgettable show, and will definitely change the way we listen global bass music in Portugal.

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