Another step towards the digital Era has been made.

In fact, last Wednesday, May the 2nd,  after Instagram’s latest update, on the one hand users will be able to share videos and pictures shot from their GoPros and synchronize their Facebook and Instagram Stories, in other words, when a Storie is shared there’s an option to do it on both apps.

On the other hand, it is now possible to share what the user has been listening on Spotifiy, directly on Instagram Stories, being the Soundcloud share option only available via Facebook.

But how does this new update work?

If the user is using Spotify, he has to go to the ‘Options’ menu (identified with  the suspension points) of the track he wants to share and select the ‘Share’ option. Once there, the Instagram Stories button must be pressed and it will directly send the users to the control panel of their personal Stories.













However, that track is only presented by its album cover and when the followers select it, they will be redirected to Spotify in order to listen to the full track.

This way, the idea that the world is a ‘Global Village’ is fomented and the share of music itself is encouraged and this will definetly be a big step to the Digital Era.

This update is now available for Android and it’s still under development for IOS.




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