That’s exactly what you have read, NeoPop has scheduled for June 30th a party in the Spanish capital. Not much has been said about this new location Warehouse 440, however, slowly new details have been released.

It was in an unusual style that they revealed the event’s lineup, in a format in which they unpacked various cardboard boxes containing various “Secrets”. With this announced Dax J, the London artist who is confirmed for this year’s edition of the Neopop festival, who was also featured in the previous edition. Known for his powerful and even crude performances, guaranteeing a very energetic night.

FJAAK, the trio that is also confirmed for this year’s edition of Neopop, comes from Germany and will certainly bring a lot of energy, as is usual in their performances. Regal, is also confirmed! Although it only entered the scene in 2012, it is impossible to tie the Spanish to a unique genre, with passages by the mythical Berghain, Tresor, Mondo and Factory 010, is another of the artists is in the “crest of the wave“.

Gusta-vo, an artist and founder, a multifaceted being in all senses, emerges as one of the best national artists of the underground style, being responsible for a new “awakening” of the same culture in Portugal , especially the northern zone (Porto). Amazing in reading a crowd and atmosphere, without forgetting the loud laughter that is common to him.

Take the warm-up YKE, reasons more than enough to pay a visit to Madrid, which nowadays presents itself with an ever growing underground culture. Tickets are now available here.


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