One of the biggest influencers and greatest names of all time is undoubtedly Tiësto. The Dutchman is for many people an idol in electronic dance music scene, and he has been a part of this industry for decades now. He has seen the Dance scene grow globally and has traveled from country to country to play his music to thousands of fans. CLUBLIFE is Tiësto’s very own podcast and in its impressive 578th episode, he decided to pay tribute to the late Avicii.

Avicii’s death came across as a shock to everyone, and all the DJ’s worldwide were heartbroken when they got the news. Tiësto, however, had a bit of a closer connexion with Avicii. He said that when Tim (Avicii) was starting out his career, he used to live with Tiësto in Ibiza, and he was his opening act for one of the world’s biggest nights in the world, Privilege.

Still trying to cope with the pain from the loss, the dance music community has come together to remember the legacy that Avicii leaves behind. He was the inspiration of many, and a symbol to millions. Many DJ’s who are currently traveling the world got inspired by him, and that says a lot about how great of a person Tim Bergling was.

You can catch the tribute given by Tiësto in this 1 hours long episode of CLUBLIFE.

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