Joel Peres, a name probably unknown for the majoritiy of portuguese people, is the new artist to take into account in electronic music, more specifically in the genre of trance. This is a genre, which, in Portugal, there are few artists and also isn’t very well accepted by most people. Given these facts, the emergence of a Portuguese in this genre is something quite relevant and deserves a lot of highlight.

Until the appearance of Joel, one of the few, and perhaps the only, sounding portuguese names is SoundLift, a big producer of uplifting trance, chill out and orchestral music, often supported by Armin Van Buuren in “A State Of Trance“. Joel Peres, although somewhat different from SoundLift, as he is a more progressive trance producer, seems to start following a similar journey. It all began in February when Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge moved to the Netherlands for the second part of the 850 episode of “A State Of Trance,” in which they played the track “I Didn’t Know“, the debut music by Joel Peres. From that moment on, their first single was replayed in the last episode of ASOT, won the support of Andrew Rayel and Karanda in their respective podcasts. The track “I Did not Know” was released at the revamped Garuda Music, last Friday, April 27.

Joel Peres is a name to keep in mind in the near future! “I Didn’t Know” is very well produced, is very much in the style of Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge, this song follows very well the Garuda’s production line. After listening up this great song we just have to wait for a next song.

Written by: Jorge Azevedo

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