MAR has been chosen to be one of the biggest female artists in the actual portuguese musical scene. The singer has just signed a contract with the multinational Sony Music Entertainment, aiming to be recognized worldwide.

The deal between the label and the performer consist in the musical production and distribution of two original projects. Actually, she’s concluding her first album which has executive production by the DJ and Producer Von Di Carlo.

In an interview with Mega Hits radio, MAR told that since she started, she wanted to keep her latin roots, and R&B influences, and working with Von Di Carlo was really hard working, since she’s a electronic dance music producer and DJ, but quickly both parts agreed on making the huge tunes that have followed.

In October 2017, “Secret”, an electrifying single that mixes R&B, Electronic and a bit of Drum and Bass, has quickly kept the portuguese crazy with such energy and sensuality, counting thousands of views on her Youtube channel. In february this year MAR launched her new single “Dance” which entered every national and international radios.

If you still don’t know MAR, she will have her first live performance august 10th, during the 21st edition of MEO Sudoeste at the LG stage, where she will be presenting her first original project.

You can watch her new single “Dance” below.

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