Pioneer DJ launched a new pair of professional DJ headphones, the HDJ-S7’s. These are supposed to be a successor to the HDJ-C70’s, which are now 4 years old and need to be retired.

Pioneer DJ has been releasing professional DJ gear for years now, and they have been the standard in any club, crushing any of their competitors with their powerful CDJ players and mixers, affordable DJ controllers and quality headphones.

The HDJ-S7’s get their name due to their drivers. Pioneer DJ claims they are capable of reproducing sound from 5 kHz up to 40 kHz, which classify the headphones as “high definition”, hence the “HD” nomenclature. They are aimed at DJs who want a lightweight pair of headphones, without sacrificing any of the sound or build quality, as they have militar grade durability.

They are available in black or white, and feature a flexible headband, as well as grippy and textured ear cups, capable of swiveling up to 45°. In the box, you will find a 1.2m coiled cable, a carrying case and an adaptor. The HDJ-S7’S have a suggested retail price of 200€, making them a direct competitor to Sennheiser’s legendary HD25 line of headphones. 

Check out Pioneer DJ’s promo vídeo down below.

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