The loss of the young Dance Music star Avicii at the age of 28 was one of the most difficult, and many artists have declared grief and have in recent days rendered tributes to him.

Many questions were in the air and after Starkillers published 12 songs in which they collaborated with Avicii, songs that were created in 2009 that had never been released before, one of the questions that was in the air for the fans would be the direction of the songs that Avicii had been working for months.

In an interview with Neil Jacobson, President of Geffen Records (Label for which Avicii was currently working) with Variety, Neil showed interest in publishing the songs he was working on with Avicii as a tribute , describing them as “amazing” “and” magical, “but says,”

“I’m going to sit down and talk to the family as soon as everyone has a chance to breathe. This has never happened to me with an artist who i had worked closely. Let’s try to get the family advice so we can see what we think Tim wanted us to do … “

This is definitely a light for a possible last dose of musical magic for Avicii fans and all Dance Music fans.

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