Troyboi is back and what better way to make his returns than with a brand new EP. Ever since the release of his debut album, Left Is Right, the North-American artist had been unstoppable with releases left right and center, such as “X2C” and “Truth”, alongside Ekali. But all of this was in 2017.

Even though Troy Henry seemed to be very inactive in these early months, it was all justified on the 20th of April, when he released a 6 track EP. Titled V!bes, this EP brings us to a whole new dimension, with this looking like his most experimental tracks to date. The artist himself described it as “A collection of eclectic / experimental vibes & ideas I’ve been working on. Really excited about this project as it gives me a chance to really explore and push my production to places it’s never been before.” Though the whole EP sounds very experimental, you can still tell that TroyBoi was the one who produced them. Both the Intro track, “Sunset In Costa Rica” and the Outro, “Spooky” featuring  take us to a vibey summer destination, a direct opposal to “Wickedest Bounce” that brings us to a dancfloor, transmiting us the will to dance.

This is a stunning EP produced in a stunning fashion, and it feels good to hear that Troyboi is back!

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