After the original comes the remix. The Dutch DJ and producer, Bingo Players, released this afternoon the remix of their latest single “Everybody“, also released in March of this year. The collaboration with American Goshfather was signed Hysteria well before the start of the US tour.

In this remix there are few similarities with the first. A more lively melody and rhythm, influenced by the dance and music of the 80s gives way to a more futuristic and almost robotic sound. The bar of the original song is easily noticeable, however, Bingo Players opted for a vocal synthesizer and voxed-off off-beat.

The name of the single is also the name of the tour. “Everybody” ends next June but also has a big stage like Prysm nightclub in Chicado on May 5; Stereo Live Houston and Dallas on 8 and 9 June consecutively; A few days later, in Los Angeles, he is present at the Academy; long trip to Miami and others.

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