It seems impossible but it’s true. In order to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the iconic and most popular album – Mezzanine – the duo Massive Attack, in an alliance with Science, is encoding and storing album melodies into DNA molecules. All work is being attended by scientists from ETH Zurich, led by Professor Robert Grass who is also the producer of the magnetic nanocarrier manufacturer Turbobeads responsible for the whole process.

The microscopic DNA molecules that store the album are collectively stored within 5,000 nano-sized glass beads. The next move is to transfer the contents to a small bottle filled with water where it will be preserved. Professor Grass describes the process as a way to potentially “store music for hundreds of thousands of years“:

“Compared to traditional data-storage systems, it is quite complex and expensive to store information on DNA. However, once information is stored on DNA, we can make millions of copies quickly and cost-effectively with minimal effort. “

Never before had Science achieved this. Although there were already methods of combining DNA and ink, this was a big move for both Grass and her team, or a miniscule celebration for Mezzanine. It may be the first of many classics to be preserved forever.



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