Markus Schulz, who is probably the biggest representative of Trance on the American continent, has just released an EP called “In Bloom – Volume One“. This EP comes two years after the release of the album “Watch The World” (2016), as Markus Schulz, and one year after the release of the album “The Nine Skies” (2017) as Dakota. This first volume of “In Bloom” features five vocal pieces and the most curious is that Markus Schulz is not involved at all. We can consider this EP a mini-compilation because it counts with songs by other artists.

Relatively to the composition of the EP, the first two songs, as expected, belong to the boss of Coldharbour Recordings, which is Markus Schulz, and both collaborations are the first songs that the German producer does with these vocalists. The first song, which is “Calling for Love“, has the voice of the experienced JES and is composed by a contagious melody that surely should lead many fans of trance to a state of euphoria. The second song is the club version, a more aggressive version of the single “Safe from Harm“, previously released on March 30 and that has the fantastic voice of the Australian Emma Hewitt. This is one of those songs that, on hearing, we immediately notice Markus Schulz’s trademark sound. The other songs belong to other artists, and include: Andy Moor’s return to the label of Markus Schulz, where in the past they have collaborated on the big theme “Daydream“, with the song “Wild Dream“, which has the voice of known Adina Butar; the song “Try for Me” by Dave Neven, producer who has been releasing lately at Coldharbour and has gained a lot of attention because of his remix to “Take Me Away” by 4 Strings, which features Ellie White voice; and the astonishing uplifting music of Lithuanian producer Anske and singer Victoriya, called “Love Won’t End.

Markus Schulz is prepared for the summer and its festivals with the release of this EP, that hapenned on April 20th, last friday, by its own label Coldharbour Recordings.

Written by: Jorge Azevedo

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